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Interplanting Vegetables In The Fall Garden

By Laura Miller

Learn all about the benefits of interplanting vegetables for your fall garden.

Free DIY Fall Wreath From Your Backyard

By Laura Walters

Foraging for fall decorations is a fun fall activity that gets you outside after you've put your garden to bed for the year. Click to learn more.

How To Protect Fruit Trees From Frost And Freeze

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Choosing fruit trees appropriate for your growing zone is best, but you still may need to protect them from extreme cold. Read how.

Compost Spreading Tools For Farmers And Gardeners

By Susan Albert, Freelance Garden Writer

Small garden or farm field, you’ll probably want to use a spreader at some point to distribute compost. Read about different kinds of equipment before you buy.

Growing The Victoria Amazonica Giant Water Lily

By Teo Spengler

Read about the fascinating Amazonica water lily named for Queen Victoria, whose leaves can stretch as wide as 6 feet.

Best Plants For Chicken Coop And Plants To Avoid

By Amy Grant

Free-ranging chickens can be great for garden areas, but read on to be sure they have access to the safest plants.

Boho Patio Ideas For A Cool And Cozy Outdoor Space

By Mary Ellen Ellis

The word boho means different things depending upon where and how we grew up, but it has a history. Learn how to create boho style outside.

How Many Pumpkins Per Plant Can You Grow?

By Amy Grant

When planning your pumpkin patch, it’s good to know how many pumpkins you can expect. Read on to learn about typical pumpkin yields.

Farmhouse Garden And Outdoor Decorating Ideas

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Different from cottage style, farmhouse style is more relaxed and rustic and can bring back memories of a simpler time. Cozy up your garden space with these tips.

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